National Service Dog Teams Standard is available for public consultation

The draft, voluntary National Service Dog Teams Standard is now available for public consultation.

Two documents are attached below:
1) Draft National Service Dog Teams Standard
2) Comment Form
There is a 60-day window of time for you to provide your feedback to the Canadian General Standard Board (CGSB).  The comment form, can be emailed or faxed, to CGSB, more specifically to:
Ms. Jennifer Jimenez  
Canadian General Standards Board
Gatineau Canada
K1A 1G6
Fax: 819-956-5740

Please note that all feedback must be provided to CGSB on, or before, June 30, 2017 by either email or fax.

Should you have any questions regarding this process, or require accommodation with respect to reviewing and commenting on the draft standard, please contact the CGSB at 819-956-0425 or 1-800-665-2472, fax at 819-956-5740 or send an e-mail to

More information about the development of this national voluntary standard can be found at:

Updates on the National Service Dog Team Standards will be available on the CCDS Facebook page:  

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