Services for Community

ARCH provides the following services in order to advance equality rights and promote systemic change in laws and policies that affect the community of people with disabilities in Ontario. The following services are focused in the priority areas set by our Board of Directors. For more information about ARCH’s current priority areas, please contact us or see the toolbar to the left.

Law Reform

As a specialty community legal aid clinic, ARCH’s law reform activities involve analyzing and commenting on the impact of current and proposed laws and practices from a disability perspective. ARCH makes oral and written submissions to all levels of government, legislative committees, administrative bodies, tribunals, agencies, and human rights commissions. In conducting this work, ARCH often consults with other disability groups, members of the community, and other specialty and community legal clinics.

Visit our submissions page to view our recent and archived law reform submissions.

Test Case Litigation

ARCH represents groups and individuals in test case litigation. These are cases whose outcome will affect a large number of people with disabilities or will significantly affect the law as it relates to the rights of people with disabilities in Ontario. We focus our test case litigation work in the priority areas set by our Board of Directors.

Visit our significant decisions page to view recent and past cases that ARCH was involved in.

Public Legal Education

ARCH provides education to people with disabilities regarding their legal rights and new developments in the law. We give presentations, workshops and seminars, and produce written materials, including our newsletter, ARCH Alert.

If your group would like to request a presentation by ARCH, please contact Theresa Sciberras at ARCH. If ARCH is not able to speak at your event, we will do our best to refer you to other appropriate resources.

Visit our publications page to view our recent and past publications.

Community Development

ARCH’s community development activities aim to build the capacity and support the self-advocacy efforts of people with disabilities, disability organizations, our community partners and coalitions. Many of our community development activities are posted on our website and included in our newsletter, ARCH Alert.

Resources for the Community

ARCH offers two adaptive technology computers for visitors with visual or motor disabilities. The computers are available for use by the general public Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.