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Tags: service animal

Case Summary and Analysis: Denial of Service Animal Benefit for self-trained service animal is not discriminatory

April 11, 2019

An analysis of the denial of OW and ODSP monthly Guide Dog Benefit to persons whose dog does not meet the specified training criteria, under a human rights perspective.…Read More

Advocacy Toolkit – Service Animals in Schools in Ontario

Please note that the information in this Guide does not apply to all situations. A person’s accommodation needs may vary over time and at different points in the day. Always ask the person with the disability how to most appropriately accommodate them. PDF and RTF versions of this toolkit are available at the end of…Read More

Focus: The Law of Service Animals in Ontario

July 13, 2018

About the legislation in Ontario that specifically addresses rights and restrictions for persons who use service animals.…Read More

April 11, 2019