About ARCH


Vision and Mission Statement



A world in which all people with disabilities enjoy social justice and equal participation in society and our communities


ARCH Disability Law Centre, as a specialty legal clinic with a provincial mandate, undertakes to achieve this Vision by:

•    Ensuring our work has Ontario wide impact focusing on, identifying and
     removing systemic barriers
•    Addressing issues that have an impact on low income people with
     disabilities, including the root causes of poverty
•    Empowering people with disabilities
•    Being recognized as experts in the law as it affects people with
•    Addressing the heightened disadvantage, marginalization and exclusion
     faced by people with disabilities by reason of factors such as gender,
     race, age, language, economic status and sexual orientation.


ARCH is guided by the following set of core values:
•    The dignity and worth of all persons with disabilities must be respected;
•    Persons with disabilities have the right to life, self-determination, and
     full participation in a society free from barriers to their inclusion and
•    Persons with disabilities themselves are in the best position to
     determine their own priorities;
•    All persons have a common responsibility to create communities
     accessible to all persons with disabilities.
Additionally, ARCH is guided by the following set of core organizational principles:
•    ARCH operates in accordance with the above core values;
•    ARCH is a community-based organization, governed by a Board of
     Directors composed of a majority of persons with disabilities;
•    ARCH is accountable to persons with disabilities in Ontario, its
     members and its funders.

Adopted by the Board of Directors, November 23, 2010