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Disability Law intensive

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ARCH continues its innovative partnership with Osgoode Hall Law School at York University to offer the Disability Law Intensive program. The purpose of this program is to introduce second and third year law students to the complex issues faced by persons with disabilities and to help them learn the most effective ways of delivering legal services to our communities, through law reform and policy work, and direct client centered work. This program is the first of its kind in Canada. Now in its sixth year, twelve students were selected to participate in the 2018-19 Disability Law Intensive at ARCH.

Internships & Placements

Internships and Placements for Social Work Students and Law Students

ARCH provides placements to students from various universities in law and social work programs. For a placement at ARCH, please contact Students are always welcome at ARCH; however placements depend on academic requirements and resources availability.

University of Ottawa Student Proposed Internship Program

In particular, ARCH continues to provide placements to students from the University of Ottawa through the Student Proposed Internship program. This program offers students the opportunity to pursue a self-proposed internship at ARCH that allow them to learn in a more practical setting about disability law, while gaining professional experience.

The Student Proposed Internship at ARCH can be completed during any semester (Conditions and Eligibility apply). Students can complete a number of law related tasks such as, but not limited to:

  • legal research: law reform and litigation;
  • legal writing (drafting letters, drafting affidavits, writing short articles, memoranda and research papers, compiling information to create a guidebook, gathering of information on specific topics for lawyers, etc.);
  • observe court litigation and proceedings, mediations and negotiations;
  • assist lawyers in preparing a client for a hearing;
  • assist in client intake, interviewing and/or meeting with clients; and
  • attend workshops and training offered by ARCH.

* Students may not give legal advice or legal opinions as they are not yet called to the bar.

Last Modified: October 9, 2019

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