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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation & Orange Shirt Day

Members of Respecting Rights at ARCH Disability Law Centre have thought a lot about what National Day for Truth and Reconciliation & Orange Shirt Day means to them. The group has developed a land acknowledgment with the priority being to give back and to learn and understand what Indigenous people are experiencing and have experienced in terms of colonialism and ongoing systemic discrimination. The last thing the world needs is for everyone to just give a thumbs up and wear an orange shirt to feel good for a day, and just continue on with the world as it is. Peter Park is an institutional survivor and co-founder of Respecting Rights. Peter worked along with Elder Mona Stonefish on a project about Eugenics called Into the Light. You can learn more about the history of residential schools as Elder Mona Stonefish survived it, and also the history of institutions, as Peter survived it. Get to know the Indigenous people in your area and find out how you can give back and make change as an ally. Don’t just put on an orange shirt if you’re not going to be involved in making change.

September 30, 2022