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How Accessibility Regulations are Made

This is the third video in this series. This video is about how you can take part in the process for making accessibility regulations. Accessibility regulations (or rules) give more specific details about parts of the Accessible Canada Act. This video explains how to find out about accessibility regulations. The video discusses what parts of the regulation making process you can take part in. In the video, we give tips on how you can contribute. We also tell you what happens after you have given input about an accessibility rule. People with disabilities and Deaf people may also want to get involved when the Government of Canada, the Agency or the CRTC make other regulations. Even though these regulations are not about accessibility, they often have important impacts on disability communities. The information in this video will help you to understand how to get involved when these other regulations are made.

For a summary of the information in this video and links to more information about the Accessible Canada Act, download:

Last Modified: June 24, 2022